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Switching to binary there also has some benefits. Although others might find the number 4 offensive. The other benefit is that would benefit having a big blowout celebration whenever you turn a power of two and have only a single candle to blow out. The only one which is in common use today is the Sweet 16, but why not a Sweet 32, Sweet 64, Sweet , …?

What a wonderful Idea.


Or both colored but not the same colors? This could actually be beneficial to the design, since after enough uses, the lower order bits will naturally be shorter, thus solving the reading direction issue. Because of this, I think it is necessary to NOT have the candle statically set to one direction.

Ideally, switching it back and forth from one direction to the other will even out the wear, though even more ideally the outer candles should be longer.


The biggest problem at this point is the placement on the cake. Since I want to use this candle over and over, I want substantial candles. My thought was to have two mini stabilizers, but I am not sure how to do this easily without having to cast the whole candle. He said this is binary, not hexadecimal. So, the result is simply read as 34 decimal , not 22h.

If he meant it to be hexadecimal, then yes, 8 candles would be appropriate, covering 2 4-bit nibbles.

Birthday Candles

Binary and Hex are not the same thing. The earliest computers were binary only, not hexadecimal. And kids know exactly what their birthday cakes mean — just as soon as you have taught then to count up to 31 on one hand! I am this many. You can make this fused single candle yourself: Our starting point is a set of seven regular candles from the grocery store, plus a couple of extras that will be sacrificed for their wax.

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