February 2 horoscope for libra

Be careful. The planets warn if you use underhand methods you are sure to be found out — and disqualified. A full moon in your fellow Earth sign of Taurus warns you must not take foolish risks, especially when travelling or otherwise on the move. Keep your eyes and ears open and be aware of the directions from which trouble might come. You may have cash to spare at the moment but the planets warn it will drain away quickly unless you limit how much you allow yourself to spend.

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Do you really need those latest gadgets and gizmos? Certain people will try to make life difficult for you today but they will only succeed if you allow yourself to get angry. If, on the other hand, you stay calm and treat it all as a joke then they are the ones who will look bad. You may want to be convinced that you will not fail before you embark on a new venture but nothing in life is that certain, so weigh up the risks, make your decision, and either go all the way or stay right where you are.

You must let a friend go their own way and do their own thing today, even though you believe they are making a huge mistake. If they are, they will learn something valuable from it.

Walk that walk~Libra January 26–February 2 Weekly Love Reading

If they are not, you will be glad you kept your mouth shut. Now On Now on Page Six.

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Daily Horoscope Sally Brompton. Personal improvements will boost your confidence.

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An idea can bring about the type of change you need to gain greater freedom to do as you please. Call on someone you trust to run your ideas by. Live life your way.

Rely on your expertise and experience to pick and choose what you want to be a part of. Take care of your private concerns to avoid having someone pry into your affairs. Take advantage of an opportunity and celebrate with someone you love. Refuse to let anyone throw you off course without just cause.

Libra 12222 Horoscope

Talk to an expert and find out where you stand. Birthday Baby: You are kind, affectionate and lively. You are secretive and resourceful. By Eugenia Last. Report an error Policies and Standards Contact Us.

What's a cusp in astrology?

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Question everything; that's how you learn Taurus. Aries, a realistic approach to what you do and what you want to start will be necessary.