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Intellect requires conflict to exist; and for personality to transform and loosen its grip, it is only through the exhaustion that ensues from being letdown by the imperfections of life, that surrender takes place.

Esoteric Virgo: Your Key To Relationship.

And although this results in a loss of strength, it is the beginning of the dissolution of the self, and it is in this weakened state that a momentary surrendering takes place, with its' resulting expansion of consciousness. True merging is a heart issue - not understood by the intellect. It takes a psychochemical change to make the shift; which is brought about through surrendering the process to the One Self, which acts as a subconscious signal that eventually shifts the sense of self through a chemical process, out of the conflict of judgment, into balance, transformation and a merging with others, all brought about by your creative visualization of the chemical process that take place through Virgo related qualities of, right eating, right attitude about your body and its' functions, and touching others with your own capacity to serve.

Sample: Oprah Horoscopes Luxurious, Homemade, Ph-balanced Skin-Care. Experience the Feeling of Natural Skin-Care. After the Moon has done her earlier work in Cancer , creating the conditions for us to transform negative emotions into positive altruistic states such as compassion, she returns in Virgo to teach us how to flow the subtle physical energies of compassion through the subtle channels that have been created by Mercury. Again this is a two-way street that speaks to the highest purpose of Virgo.

Likewise as a result of the expansion of the Human Heart and a greater flow of human compassion, there is a greater experience of human potential, within the Divine.

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Heaven travels to Earth, and Earth meets Heaven. So we can see that the expansion of Love on many levels and throughout many realms is deeply connected with the highest Soul purpose of Virgo. The Moon is a bit of an anomaly, an enigma, in Astrology. Indeed H.

Shake What The Cosmos Gave You!

The Moon thus creates conditions of human experience that are womb-like in the sense of being deep, dark and quiet. In Virgo she creates the conditions for:.


Esoterically the Moon veils Vulcan according to Esoteric Astrology Vulcan is a hidden planet , and Vulcan is known as the blacksmith of the Gods. In the alchemical fiery furnace of Vulcan physical forms are transformed like molten lead into gold. It is this alchemical action of Vulcan that conditions the physical form to be more receptive to light and thus enables the synthesis of Spirit and Matter in Virgo. This time of year, under the influence of Virgo, we all have an opportunity to deeply contemplate our life and ensure we are fully aligned with our Divine Purpose or vocation.

Unfoldment of human consciousness, culmination of three triangles of crisis

If you have Sun, Moon or Rising Sign in Virgo it is important that you be aware of your physical energy and stay grounded. You are here to radiate love into the world.

This personal report tells you your Soul Sign and Life Purpose, and includes your birth chart, personality planets and tells you about your lunar North Node and what this means for your spiritual development. Is it your Birthday Month? Good to know!

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As a virgo moon and someone crawling through my pluto transiting my ascendant…. I just love this post and the imagery of being fully in the heart energy AND in the body.

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Thank you for sharing this with us. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Sagittarius - Direction - Mutable Cross. Aquarius - Service - Fixed Cross. Pisces - Salvation - Mutable Cross. Virgo - the Mother - Mutable Cross. Mercury is exalted in this sign because the mother is necessarily ruled by her son, the Son of Mind who is also the Son of God. Of this son, she is the protector and is responsible for his development and slowly acquired experience. Mercury, being the Messenger of the Gods and the Agent of Their applied control, is therefore the agent of the third aspect active intelligence from one point of view, and of the second aspect love-wisdom from another. He is regarded as embodying in himself both these aspects of the mental principle, the expression of the concrete and the abstract mind of God.

The lower concrete mind was unfolded in the first solar system and the higher abstract intuitional mind, the pure reason, is unfolding in this system. Mercury is the synthesis of manas-buddhi, mind-wisdom which expresses itself through the human soul; Mercury rules the bridge or the antahkarana. In Virgo, Mercury reaches his full power, for Virgo is intelligence and the hidden Christ is wisdom or pure reason. All rights reserved. The relation existing between Virgo and Pisces between the Virgin Mother and the Fish Goddesses is well known, for they are polar opposites and their functions are interchangeable in a peculiar manner.

The following tabulation will make this somewhat clearer: []. Jupiter - ruler and the conveyor of Expansion.