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Pisces sign spreads across the to degrees of the sky. They contain the following stars: Poorattadhi pada 4 , Uthirattadhi pada 1, 2, 3 and 4 , Revathi pada 1, 2, 3, 4. Pisces sign is ruled by Jupiter. Venus is ascending while Mercury is in retrograde. The other planets are either friendly or equable with this sign. The Pisceans A person born under Pisces Sign generally have a short, stout structure. Their eyes will be beautiful and their teeth large and even.

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Cheeks will be chubby and nice. They have soft bodies, an attractive mouth, and long limbs. Lord Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces sign.

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Hence the Pisceans are spiritual, law abiding, self-confident, and philosophical, broad-minded. Their thoughts are pure, deep and creative. They regard the troubles of others as their own and give whatever help they can.


Pisces hold onto their conscience and spiritual beliefs for guidance. They will never think of harming anyone. They love to learn new things. They will be happy and joyous with their friends. Because of their shy nature, they find it difficult to mingle at first. With Lord Jupiter as their ruler, Pisces have innovative, creative ideas. They love to research and learn anything. Pisces tend to believe anyone blindly; hence they are easily cheated. They will realize their folly only when it is too late and feel sorry for themselves. People born under Pisces sign are dreamers; hence, they always have some kind of expectation from life.

They do not mind working under others.

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Pisces bottle up their feelings and emotions. Their actions will have a secretive quality, going unnoticed by everyone. They work intelligently and flexibly, resulting in success. The person born under Pisces Sign are active and energetic in action. They work hard to achieve their dreams.

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Free Astrology Content and Horoscope Widgets. Still, I prefer Earth sign Moons for surgery. If you can select your surgery date when the Moon is not void of course, then do so. Void of course means the Moon is changing to the next sign. But so much surgery is routine that the void Moon often is not a strong influence because the doctor is not innovating new methods — and practicing on you! Mutable Moon signs are fast and easy.

Cardinal Moon signs are good to get things done. Fixed Moon signs are slow and steady. All modalities are good; they just bring different energy. Ovulate on the full Moon! Figure out when you menstruate and get your body in sync to produce your egg when the Moon is full.

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This is the quiet time to rest, release your blood, and honor your body. So plan travel and other stimulating events on or near the full Moon. Plan quiet, restful time during the final days of the lunar cycle during menstruation. And yes, men are influenced by lunar cycles too. Celebrations, weddings, and parties are best on the full Moon, or as close to the full Moon as possible! The best attendance will be on or close to a full Moon. An event held on a dark Moon at the end of the lunar cycle will attract fewer people. Avoiding the full Moon avoids a lot of strong energy, but flying on a full Moon is beautiful to see in the sky below the plane.

Decide what Moon phases do you want to experience when you get to your destination. For a two-week vacation, I recommend to fly a week before the full Moon, be there for the full Moon, then fly out one week after the full Moon. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. F Chronicle Interview — Sept S. Gate: Monkey Year — Jan S.

Fortunate Surgery Dates. Surgery by the Moon It can be very overwhelming to receive a medical diagnosis that requires surgery. But if you want to figure this out, plan your surgery based on: 1. No full Moon to avoid swelling 2.

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Lunar Cycle: waxing to add or waning to remove 3. Moon Signs 4. The Four Seasons 5. Holidays and Medical Staff First of all, good feng shui!

What about Mercury Retrograde? If your surgery is during these three weeks: Allow enough time to get to your surgery appointment, and plan to arrive early. So schedule operations to remove starting 2 days after the full Moon until the next new Moon People often confuse waxing and waning because when they think of waxing, they think of candle wax melting. Moon Signs If you are interested in specifics, we can schedule your six month or one year forecast.

Cancer rules the breasts.